Spiritual assessment

June 1, 2009 — Leave a comment

I came across some help for doing a spiritual assessment of my life in John Ortberg’s “When the Game is Over, it all Goes Back in the Box”.

He says there are several ways we can measure the well-being of our inner being:
*Self-examination and confession
*Being with friends who love you enough to speak the truth to you
*Time to be alone and listen to God

He suggests examining your calendar and your checkbook [where are you spending your time, and your money?]

And he suggests asking some key questions like:
*How easily discouraged do I get these days?
*How easily irritated am I compared to six months ago?
*What is your thought life like? What is your mind drawn toward, really?
*Where do envy or blaming or judging or lusting rob your inner person of life and joy?

That’s seems like a good place to start…

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