God’s Tinkerbelle

April 5, 2011 — Leave a comment

Faithful readers of this blog with keen memories will recall that a year ago I started a series on ways to enjoy God. [I think I’m up to five, if you’re counting]. Readers with champion memories know that the first in the series was looking for patches of Godlight**. Since then there have been several times when I’ve been tempted to break out this way to enjoy God as a unique menu item. I even came up with a name for it: the amuse-bouche*.

This past weekend, we went out for lunch to celebrate two birthdays and an anniversary at a regular nice restaurant along a beach, and we were served not one but two amuse-bouches. One was a small glass of fresh squeezed orange juice that came soon after we were seated. The other was my first dessert amuse-bouche, after we proclaimed we were too stuffed for dessert. In a dish the shape of a finger were thin slices of strawberries on a bed of whipped cream and a drizzle of caramel sauce. Unexpected, free, and delightful.

Although I once used amuse-bouche to describe a book**, it seems like a very apt word for the patches of Godlight we find in the world around us, those sudden displays of the Creator’s brilliance.** However at this point, readers with ordinary memories will remind me that I have yet to put the amuse-bouche on this blog’s menu. That’s because every time I think about sharing a patch of Godlight, I invariably end up writing about something bigger, something that seems more profound and worthy of contemplation. I keep passing by the small but precious moments when God reveals a twinkle of His creative power and beauty.

But I love having just a taste and savoring that single bite. I know that a simple haiku can be as beautiful and meaningful as an 800 page masterpiece [say Anna Karenina]. A whisper can communicate as powerfully as a shout. And this morning as I was spending time with God on the second story terrace, a patch of Godlight suddenly appeared on my keyboard, a green tinkerbelle:
This glorious glimmer was not only a wonderful amuse-bouche to start the day, I decided [drum roll please] it was the perfect way to launch the new Snacks from the Cruise Buffet menu item.

You’re probably curious, as I was, to learn what this green tinkerbelle really is. If you google “green flying bug with translucent wings”, you’ll discover it is a Green Lacewing. They are good bugs, so good that you can buy Green Lacewing eggs on Amazon [1000 to the box] which will then hatch into larvae [not nearly as beautiful as the adult lacewing] and chow their way through the aphids in your garden [aphid is another word for a sap sucking insect sometimes referred to as ‘plant lice’–and you know that anything that is referred to as lice is a bad bug]. The larvae then transform into these beautiful tinkerbelles.

What an amazing display of God’s brilliance.

Links and notes: *An amuse-bouche is a small hors d’oeuvre not listed on the menu, a single elegant bite that the waiter brings to give you a preview of the chef’s cooking.

A sudden display of brilliance

I will praise you, O Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all Your wonders. Psalm 9:1

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