Another display of God’s brilliance: Turban Squash

July 1, 2011 — Leave a comment

I grew up with acorn squash and butternut squash and summer squash and winter squash and pumpkin and of course, truckloads of zucchini. [Though I confess I didn’t acquire a taste for acorn and butternut squash until much later–like a few years ago]. Squash are, if you stare at them long enough, a little on the odd side. Except for pumpkins, I don’t think any would even come close to winning a Best Looking Vegetable contest.

But then there’s turban squash. Squash on fashion steroids. A squash of many colors, like Joseph’s coat, that can include orange, red, green, and beige. And for good measure, the flesh inside is yellow.

I saw my first turban squash driving south along the coast road a few years ago. I remember wondering, as we passed by, what the strange looking vegetable was.

Now that I study this picture, I’m also wondering what the long red vegetables are hanging above. Does anyone know? My best guess is red eggplant [another surprise for me: who knew that eggplant comes in red?], or perhaps some giant pepper?

This week, turban squash appeared at a little vegetable stand right in the thick of downtown and I couldn’t resist getting one. I thought perhaps it would be called ‘mushroom squash’.

But instead the Adam who named this thought it looked more like a sultan’s turban. Fair enough. The man who sold it to me said he doesn’t cook them, but just puts them out for decoration. Best Looking Vegetable indeed.

I may make a pureed soup out of mine, if it doesn’t go bad before our heat wave leaves. To me, the oddest thing about this squash is that it’s harvested here in the thick of summer. The least oddest thing is how amazingly creative God was when He designed the things of earth.

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