Now you don’t see it, now you do

October 25, 2012 — 8 Comments

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Paris is probably the Eiffel Tower. It looms over the entire city [and the souvenir shops] like a lighthouse sticking up at the ocean’s edge.

But a few years ago when we spent a day there, we wandered around the neighborhoods of Saint-Germain-des-Pres and Faubourg-Saint Germain, and saw views like this:

and this:

without ever seeing the supposedly omnipresent Eiffel Tower.

Truth be told, before long I forgot it even existed. Out of sight, out of mind. Then, heading down yet another street, we saw this:

Just because you can’t see something, doesn’t mean it’s not there.
Sometimes you walk by faith, sometimes by sight.

Last weekend, I had a similar experience.  We arrived in Seattle on a crystal clear day, and as we drove out of the city, every so often we caught a glimpse of majestic Mount Rainier, before it became hidden again by buildings or trees. Heading south to Portland, we passed Mount St Helens and Mount Hood too.

[Mount St. Helens]

However by the next morning, the clouds and rain which the northwest is so famous for moved in.

[Rumor has it Mount Hood is somewhere in the distance]

We drove back north to friends who live on a small farm outside of Seattle. Supposedly they had a great view of Mount Rainier, but I had to take their word for it.

Finally, late the following the day, the sky began to clear.

and Mount Rainier appeared in all its stunning glory.

[later, at sunset]

Once again I was amazed that something so big and beautiful could be completely blocked from my view. If I had given up hope and left after the first day, I would never seen the mountain. I would only have been able to take on faith that it was there.

And yet the mountain never moved. The only thing that had changed was the veil of clouds had been removed.

Likewise, most of my life I walk by faith, trusting that God is present, active, involved–even if I can’t see Him or hear Him. I have to live with the conviction that He is there, though there may be no visible evidence.

No wonder one of the fruits of the Spirit is faithfulness–the quality of being unshakable, of holding fast regardless of external circumstances.

8 responses to Now you don’t see it, now you do


    Amen! I will enjoy pondering this thought today. Thank you!

    Valerie Phillips October 25, 2012 at 12:08 pm

    “Clouds are those sorrows or sufferings or providences, within or without our personal lives, which seem to dispute the rule of God. It is by those very clouds that the Spirit of God is teaching us how to walk by faith.” Your blog reminded me of this devotion from Oswald Chambers – wish I could say it was from me but I am thankful the truth of what you have shared Annie. Press on!


    Yes, Amen. It’s something that bothers me, how capable I am of forgetting the mountain is there, how forgetful I am of those small moments of grace. It’s so easy to let them drift into the past, and remember only the clouds. Thanks for the beautiful reminder.


    You didn’t even see the days when the sky seems blue and clear but there is haze and the mountains aren’t visible. Truly faith is needed to believe they’re there! I love this analogy :)


    I love your mind pictures. A while you quoted xomeone’s discussion of weeds and I read it preceding our confession time at church and it stuck with several of us. My husband Isa horticulturalist and we have our own set of ‘earthy’ illustrations!

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