The year as a house

January 1, 2014 — 1 Comment

from a poem by Jan Richardson:

“The Year as a House: A Blessing

Think of the year
as a house:
door flung wide
in welcome,
threshold swept
and waiting,
a graced spaciousness
opening and offering itself
to you.

1 31 11 clara 031

“Let it be blessed
in every room.

2012 3 16 elc three melc 214

“Let it be hallowed
in every corner.

vcca and lucy five 137

Let every nook
be a refuge
and every object
set to holy use…

2012 3 10 elc two 137

“…And may it be
in this house of a year
that the seasons will spin in beauty,

2013 4 19 usa mass spring 342

2013 6 7 marlay park dublin ireland ah 097

“and may it be
in these turning days
that time will spiral with joy.


2 12 11 family and snow 106

“And may it be
that its rooms will fill
with ordinary grace

2 8 11 snow 055

“and light spill from every window
to welcome the stranger home.”

sam, zoo 012

One response to The year as a house

    Habib and Ruth Iskander January 2, 2014 at 12:35 am

    Amazing pictures, and a lovely way to think of the new year! An invitation and prayer!

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