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If you’ve already read the book, you may recall the part where Peter and Celeste stopped at a gathering hut on their way to King’s City (pages 133–137). There they met with other couples to discuss the challenges of being married.

The study guide is designed to give you the same opportunity. Each of the nine* sessions is based on a chapter from Walk with Me.

There are three separate tracks offered for each session:
Discuss, Going Deeper, and Reflect.
You can choose the track that best meets your needs, or you can do a combination.

1) Discuss offers questions designed for a general small group. If you choose this track, you’ll want to allow about 50 minutes for discussion.

2) Going Deeper has questions that give a more in-depth look at the topic, suitable for small groups. Each session in this track also takes about 50 minutes to complete. If you prefer, you can combine the Discuss and Going Deeper tracks together for a longer session. You’ll want to allow about 90 minutes to cover both.

3) Reflect offers questions for personal reflection. You can go through these questions alone or discuss them with your spouse without being part of a group. Group members may also want to use these questions for individual reflection in between meetings.

Whatever way you decide to use the study guide, you certainly don’t have to cover all the material. The main goal is not to answer every question but to reflect on what makes a strong and healthy marriage.
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*There are also options for a 6-week and a 12-week study.

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